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The data shown on the map is approximate. For a more accurate time calculation, you need to create a route for the departure date. Flight times may be affected by weather conditions, wind, and NOTAM time zones.

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The cost of a helicopter charter is calculated individually by our dispatcher. 

Payment for helicopter rental is calculated hourly (flight time only, excluding waiting) in both directions. All local expenses are also included in the price. 

All helicopters in our fleet are available for renting helicopter charters and helicopter flights. 

To calculate the cost of a helicopter charterContact us

Choosehelicopter flights with HELISVIT. 


Benefits of Helicopter Charters


The cruising speed of the helicopter is 200-240 km/h. The helicopter flies in a straight line and does not encounter traffic jams, so you can get to any point in Ukraine much faster than by car. Given the lack of waiting and check-in at the airport, sometimes a helicopter charter is faster than a plane.  
no waiting at the airport


Helicopter landing can be carried out not only at the airport, but also at any point outside the city or at a specialized site within the city. Thus, the capabilities of a helicopter are much greater than those of an airplane, since a helicopter is practically unlimited in the area of movement and landing.


Helicopter charters bring a new level of travel comfort. During the flight, all passengers can use phones and gadgets, and even watch movies and listen to music. The headset (headphones) in the helicopter has bluetooth and connects to any device. In addition, you can land the helicopter in any place convenient for you (according to the route).


Even if the engine fails, the fuel supply stops, or the tail rotor fails, the pilot makes a safe landing in autorotation mode. Any pilot can autorotate a helicopter. Our pilots have at least 500 hours of flight time and have all the necessary access levels.


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